Project samples

Here are some of the projects we might do during Art Kids. We always remain flexible in case supplies are delayed or students have already done the exact project in another Artingales class/camp. When a majority of the students are continuing, projects won’t be repeated at the same location within the same school year. However, the same medium may be used in another project. In the rare chance a student enrolls later that has done the project and the lesson plans are set, they will be encouraged to push it further, or do their own variation with the medium.


We cycle through various drawing projects to teach skills in drawing what we see with shading, abstractions that focus on line and color, and free drawing from the imagination. Drawing projects might be still life, self portrait, emulating another artist, or doing style like surrealism. We use pastel, graphite, charcoal, markers, and colored pencils.


We only use acrylic or watercolor, and on rare occasions, tempera for painting since oil based paints aren’t as safe and solvents are problematic. Focus is usually on composition & color mixing, and we may paint on more than just canvas. Kids have some of the most fun doing magical messy acrylic pour.

3D – Sculpture, Assemblage, Bookmaking

We use various types of clay depending on the location, some might include Model Magic, Sculpey, kiln fired clay, and non-hardening modeling clay. Generally these projects focus on seeing all points of view and building objects that are structurally sound. However, one favorite is using Model Magic to learn color mixing. We start with primaries and mix through tertiary in our Takashi Murakami inspired daisies. A new project in 2022 introduces students to artist Yayoi Kusama, and incorporates her famous polka dots and infinity mirror concepts. We also make books and mixed media projects.


In schools we focus on portable types of printmaking that are done by hand instead of on a press. Depending on dexterity and maturity, these might include linocut carvings, nature printing or stencil printing on gel plates, or abstract paper textures, all resulting in monotypes. Sometimes we incorporate our prints into a book.

Printmaking on the flatbed press

(Only available at Artingales location, not in schools) Depending on the dexterity and maturity of students, we may do either pochoir, linocut/woodcut, or monotypes on the large press. Some techniques can result in an edition of prints, others in one of a kind monotypes. Coming in late 2022, we will collaborate with our upstairs neighbor to incorporate letter press into our projects too!

The art of craft

Sometimes we do what others consider craft, which is making a real comeback in the art world. There are too many to name, but here are a few images of what April considers craft projects.