Art Club Update Aug ’22

Updated schedule & Additional 🎨 Opportunity

Most families are moving into back-to-school mindset or chasing the last bits of summer, and beginning next month I’m headed into an extended teaching pause for medical leave. I’ll also be using the time to develop new curriculum. So, we have some options to use credits and/or learn something new before then. This is updated since Valley Art postponed the auction, and my surgery is no longer 8/18.

• Clay classes
• Meet additional Tuesdays
• Refund


Some have expressed interest in working in the clay studio. Since there is an adult class during our usual meeting time, that can only happen different days. We can do clay on Mondays during the day or Fridays also during the day. There is no obligation, just something I said we would consider and now is the time.

Here are some dates I can do clay if we get at least two from any group, their choice between wheel or hand building: Aug 12, 15, 19, 22, 26. The time might be flexible as long as we consider other classes. They usually run 1.5 hours, but I can also do 2 hours if more than a few kids come at a time. The more advanced notice I can give the studio manager, the better. Clay usually costs more, but I’m willing to give at the art club price, 1 to 1 substitution.

Extra Tuesdays

If clay isn’t of interest, we only have 8/18 left for Kid’s Art Club Thursdays. To use up credits or get more art time in before school starts, we could also meet Tuesdays 4:00-5:30PM these dates: Aug 9, 16, 23, 30. As many or as few as you like, this can be in addition to the Thursday.


If you have credits that don’t get used before September, I am willing to refund. Everyone else, let’s do pay-as-you go at the discounted rate since I’m not selling more 5-packs at this time unless 5 are owed. I will text you personally if there is a balance due.

In closing…

Lastly, the kids get to take home a soft sketch book and a pencil box when we’re done this summer. If they won’t be attending anymore before September, we can send them home with someone or have them here for pick up.

If you don’t already know it, I love, 💙, love❗ working with these kids. The pandemic has made the time a bit less personal since we’re all spread out and I use videos to do a lot of instruction now. However, I still notice the creativity and progress. It’s an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of their art journey. Thank you! 🙇‍♀️

P.S. I always want your kids to feel like they’re on a professional-track art journey. The prints in the current Valley Art show will be on display through August 26 with gallery hours Wed-Sat 11:00-5:30. Once the show is over I can either prepare unsold work for pick up, or hold it to go in the 97116 Art Show I produce in November. Feel free to text their / your preference.

For everything listed above, you can just text me what you would like to do. Again, the more advanced notice, the better so I can make sure there is room and notify anyone who needs to know.